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 Tororo Research Clinic

Dr. Abel Kakuru The IDRC Tororo Research Clinic site was opened in July 2007 and renovated in 2009. The first research study at the clinic was the Tororo Child Cohort (TCC) a study which was aimed at studying interactions between HIV and Malaria. To date (2013), the Tororo Research Clinic has conducted 5 large cohort clinical trials in HIV and malaria including the PROMOTE program, several placental malaria and pharmacokinetic studies, extensive laboratory research, qualitative, nutritional evaluations, TB and implementation science studies.
The Tororo Research Clinic has over 70 employees, consisting of the clinic team of nurses and clinicians, laboratory technicians that assist with the diagnosis of diseases like malaria and HIV, a data team that is in charge of uploading our hardcopy data into electronic data bases and the administration team which facilitates, and supports the study office and site staff.  Dr. Abel Kakuru, Clinic Director, heads the Tororo Research Clinic.
Tororo Clinic Staff Activities at the Tororo Research Clinic:   
  • » Research on treatment and prevention of malaria, HIV and other diseases, including the PROMOTE program, pharmacokinetic and placental malaria studies.
  • » Laboratory research and services include testing for malaria and HIV, histology for placental malaria, and maintaining a specimen repository
  • » HIV care services including counseling and ART provision.
  • » Pharmacokinetic studies of antimalarial and antiretroviral drug interactions
  • » Studies on malnutrition which include participant nutritional support

The research from the Tororo Research Clinic has been very productive in terms of contributing towards the scientific community.  For more information about these studies, visit the MU-UCSF Research Collaboration website.


Mbarara Office

Dr. Jane KabamiThe IDRC-Mbarara office was opened early 2011 to host the Sustainable East African Research for Community Health (SEARCH) collaboration activities.  The office currently supports the regional activities for SEARCH collaboration including a large randomized community trial as well as several other studies including START-ART and EARLI. The IDRC-Mbarara office is headed by Jane Kabami, Program Coordinator, Dr. Asiphas Owaraganise, Clinical Coordinator, and Oliver Nabitaka, Administrative Officer and Finance Coordinator and supports nearly 120 staff working in this region. The office is located on Fort Portal Road in Mbarara.
IDRC-Mbarara supported activities: Mbarara Offices
  • » Community Health Campaigns and Linkage to Care as provided by SEARCH for 10 communities of approximately 10,000 persons each
  • » Household socio-economic surveys and qualitative studies
  • » EARLI study ongoing at the Bwizibwera MJAP clinic for treatment of persons with CD4 >250.
  • » POV (pharmacy-only visits) study at the MMC MJAP clinic is reviewing program successes and challenges
  • » START-ART study for the acceleration of ART initiation in the MMC MJAP program       
  • » Understanding Mobility and Risk in SEARCH communities
  • » IBIS study

Mbale Office

The IDRC-Mbale office was opened June 2013 to host the Sustainable East African Research for Community Health (SEARCH) collaboration activities in Eastern Uganda including the districts of Mbale, Tororo, Pallisa, Iganga, Bugiri, Bulambuli, Kibuku, Luuka and Namutuma.  The IDRC-Mbale office is co-headed by Dr. Atukunda Mucunguzi and Dr. Irene Bagala and plans to support nearly 100 staff working in this region


Masafu General Hospital

The Masafu General Hospital hosts the Birth Cohort 3 study, a double blinded randomized control trial comparing the risk of any adverse birth outcome in HIV-negative pregnant mothers living in Busia district, Uganda. Our clinic is equipped with 4 consultation rooms, a laboratory, data room, a pharmacy and a dispensing room.