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PRISM Project renewed for 7 years

We would like to congratulate Professors Grant Dorsey (University of California San Francisco) and Moses Kamya (Makerere University/IDRC) for the award from the NIAID for an International Center for Excellence in Malaria Research (ICEMR)! The Program for Resistance, Immunology, Surveillance and Modeling of Malaria in Uganda (PRISM) has received a 7-year grant (up to 2024) at around $1 million annually. PRISM is one of seven ICEMR programs selected worldwide in malaria-endemic settings. The first seven-year ICEMR award/PRISM project 2010-2017 was also funded by NIAID and we are pleased to receive another grant award from NIAID. The PRISM project is based in Eastern Uganda and its goals are to perform surveillance of malaria in order to improve understanding and to measure the impact of population-level control interventions. ` Read more: NIH press release: